Where Can I find out the coloring printouts ?

Where Can I find out the coloring printouts ?

Let us start with red. Red can give confidence and warm this may be because it is a lively color. Aside from love and passion, the color red can have other meanings as well. In South Africa and some other cultures, the color red is related to death, especially on flags. There are some flags with color red which represents the people who fought for the freedom of their country. For the Russian flag, however, red means beauty. Color red also means good luck and it means "stop", when used in street directions.

The opposite of red and the color that permits us to go when we are on the road is green. Green means hope and rebirth. This is the reason why spring is associated with green so as the beginning of a new year. Green also served as a symbol of victory during the time of ancient Greece. This might be the reason why green is related to optimism. It is also said to be the color of youth. However, green is also related to envy and jealousy.

The color associated with cold and serenity is blue. This maybe because blue is the color of the sea, of the sky and other tranquil things. For the Iranian people, blue is the color for mourning and in other cultures, it is related to victory and success. This is the reason why most first prize awards get blue ribbons. Loyalty and love is also depicted by color blue. This is the reason of wearing something blue by the bride on wedding day.

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