Coloring pictures of santa

Coloring pictures of santa

Every year it's the same old decorations that come out of the Christmas box. We take them out, clean them up a bit and place them out for display. At the end of season, back they go into the garage or a closet for another year. Some may be looking a little tired. Decide on a change this year. Retire or restore some of these oldies (but goodies) and opt for some of these enchanting Christmas picture frame ideas. Okay, so some of us are emotionally attached to our decorations just the way they are and parting with them would bring undue stress. That's fine. But what's terrific about these ideas is that some of them use your old decorations! Be proud of yourself because now you're stepping into the "vintage" arena of design. Now that's a step, isn't it?

Does your manger display need a paint job? Preserve the life of your favorite scene by placing these figurines in a partitioned shadow box picture frame. Perform some quick touch ups with paint from a local craft store and let dry. Glue or tape your figurines so they don't move when you move the box.

Preserve a smaller Christmas wreath by setting it in a picture frame. Whether you're using natural or artificial materials, the beauty of your wreath can be viewed for many years to come. You might consider using a clear lacquer spray to encourage the pine needles to stay put.

Create a poinsettia print display using a picture frame. The pressed and dried leaves and colorful bracts of the poinsettia are lovely when accented with gold and silver colors. Consider using ribbons, braided cords or even paper and then, for a sparkling effect, try applying a glitter glue spray to the dried leaves.

Changing out your regular ones for glass picture frames will help to create your winter wonderland effect. Etched glass and frosted glass picture frames work well with almost anything. They will soften any effects that darker and bolder colored picture frames may have. This will help to create a wispy, whimsical effect of a snowy Christmas and may also contribute some sparkle when they catch the light.

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Are you a Christmas card saver? A montage of Christmas cards set in a picture frame will add a distinctive and intimate touch to your home décor. Cut and paste your favorite parts of the card onto the backboard of a picture frame. If you're not ready to put a scissors to your card just yet, consider placing the cards within a photo album.

Make use of your mistletoe all year long. Preserve your mistletoe with glycerin and set it in a gold colored or other colorfully designed picture frame. Learn how to preserve foliage with glycerin before attempting this. Another important factor to note is to be ready for kisses all year long!

Take a family photo every Christmas and display proudly on your wall during the holiday season. Consider using the glass frames mentioned above, but for an added effect, consider using glass picture frames that are decorated with metal artwork. The metal artwork adds a more dramatic effect to your family photos that will surely draw attention at family gatherings.

What makes these ideas great is that your memorabilia are preserved. The picture frames can be easily stored and retrieved. They can also remain as a part of your home décor well past the holiday season. Have fun making your enchanting home décor!

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