Coloring pictures of people

Coloring pictures of people

Most people would argue that matching your eye-shadow with your apparel is a no-no. They would say that it says nothing of you as a stylish fashion-conscious person even if you portray yourself as one. They argue that it says more of your misjudgment, but there is a twist in all these that will put you at ease with the way you choose your eye shadow for a picture perfect look that is different.

Coloring pictures of penguins

I do not see anything wrong with exploring bright picture perfect colors when you can. This set of picture perfect colors are beautiful and they make the perfect statement without you having to look like an over-dressed clown.

Most people shy away from bright colors because of their skin tone and what bright colors will make them look like in a picture. It can be viewed as being silly. I should know this because I am a bright color person.

There is a new variety of shades of eye-shadows in the market these days that makes you willing to abandon the old rules and embrace the strong colors that makes a picture perfect statement. Strong colors look very perfect on someone with a dark skin and all they need do is to summon the courage to explore these colors and go for what they truly deserve without feeling guilty.

Coloring pictures of roses

Some people however would argue that their pale skin tone and blue eyes is a mix-match for bright colors but all they really need to worry themselves with is to avoid pale colors that will disappear when they put them on. Colors like lavender, mauves and even greens would be the right choice for them. If a very pale skin is yours, stay off pastel pink please.

Ladies with red hair and green eyeballs should rather go for purples and dark blues. These choices of colors will compliment their green eyes for a picture perfect look.

Those with light skins and brown eyes should embrace clear but bright colors like purple, yellow, blue and even green.

Ladies should always remember to choose contrasting colors that can also compliment each other when they are going for that picture perfect look.

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